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Non-Toxic, Vibrational Oil Blends

Handcrafted and infused by Evangelia Vensel

Welcome to my custom oil blends/recipes that I use to infuse all my products with! All my products are infused with healing frequencies, a special blend of essential oils, dried flowers, crystals, and stones. 

All oils can be personalized to fit your needs by using your personal information and numerology.


My Why...

The journey back to wellness after severe illness really taught me a lot about toxicity and where it all comes from along with what it does to our cells and sensory system. Making the switch from toxic to non-toxic was a hard road to travel since everything today is made with toxic ingredients and chemicals.

As a highly sensitive empath, Hairdresser, Baker and Creative designer, I was determined to save myself, my cells activity, my love for the beauty industry, pretty things and yummy sweets, so I decided to take a creative, vibrational adventure and create my own safer, cleaner, non-toxic favorite products infused with my love and imprinted with frequencies to make them even more pleasing to our cells and sensory system! It's all about harmonizing our very essence which comes from our cells.

I hope you love them as much as I do and they bring your mind peace, your body relaxation and spirit enlightenment!

My Oil Blends

Our Clients

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