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Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend Recipes 

Welcome to all my vibrational, therapeutic blends I use for all my non-toxic products. All my recipes can be infused into an oil roller, bath bomb, candle, spray, bath oil and bubble bath!

Pick the vibe, the theme, the scent and the product and I will personalize it just for you!


Why Essential Oils

Since we are made up of cells and our cells only respond to water, sound, light, smell and vibrations, the frequency and vibration from the smell of the oils reach us on a cellular level.

Oils were very commonly used back in ancient days for healing many different things. Receiving oils was the ultimate gift.

Mix up your desired blend and either soak in it and relax, spray it on you and around your field or add a few drops of your favorite blend with a carrier/protective properties on your wrist and let its fragrance and energy pervade your body. Put a few drops where your third eye is (between your eyebrows) and massage it in.

Therapeutic Oil Blends

Calming Blend

Fresh Air
Herbal Oils
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