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My Blend

This frequency infused oil blend is excellent for anger, anxiety, depression, disappointment, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, loss, sadness, sleeplessness and stress. 



Oil is imprinted with the Vibrational frequencies of vitamins :

  • Amino Acids (protects against anxiety, depression and insomnia)

  • Multi-vitamin

  • Zinc (good for central nervous system)

  • B-Complex (for a healthy nervous system)

  • Magnesium (relieves anxiety)

  • Omega 3 (Fights depression and anxiety)

  • Vitamin D ( helpful in treating depression)



Essential Oil Blend :


  • Orange 

  •  Tangerine 

  •  Ylang Ylang

  •  Roman Chamomile 

  •  lavender 

Crystals :

  • Amazonite 

  • Amethyst 

  • Aquamarine 

  • Clear quartz 

  • Labradorite 

  • Moonstone 

  • Rose quartz 

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