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How I am winning the war against Lyme Disease with Stem cells and alternative methods in Mexico

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

So its been a few months since I've written a blog about how my healing process has been going since my first round of stem cells and detoxing back in June 2018 in Mexico and I am super pumped to tell you all about it!

Even though its only been 8 months on this new protocol and seeing this new team of Dr's in Mexico, I have made more progress during this process and methods over all the methods I've tried during my long fight against Lyme Disease. I know I've mentioned all the meds I was on and all the numerous amount of specialists I've seen in the last 17 years of my life on my previous blogs so I don't really need to go down that resentful road.

Stem cells, chelation and ozone were the only things I hadn't tried. I was too sick my first round in June to get Ozone and magnet therapy but with new each visit my body continues to get stronger, detox better and just overall functioning so much better!

My immune cells have doubled, I have no more ghost cells floating around without a purpose, my metals are gone, mercury is gone, I am digesting better, absorbing nutrients better, my dehydration is gone, tremors are gone and during my last visit in February my dark field test showed no Spirochetes!! My Dr said he needs 2 more clear tests to confirm I am in remission of Lyme.

Now that doesn't mean I am in the clear since it can come back, yes just like cancer. Even the methods to win this war is like chemo only with no chemicals. I have to continue to play it safe for a few years. I still have a lot of repairing to do from all the years of damage the bacteria did to my body, tissue, cells, nerves, brain and organs but as long as I can get that bacteria overload and toxicity down, my immune system soaring and my nervous system functioning then my body will be able to heal on its own. And with the help of stem cells I don't see a way around NOT healing and being restored! I am already feeling the little miracles happening every day!

This illness used to be a death sentence to me and I just about believed the lies I was fed about me never making it. After seeing my new team of Dr's they filled me with endless amount of hope. Their belief in my recovery and their methods that have been curing Lyme sufferers for decades brings me so much hope and now I am able to bring hope and inspiration to our community.

At least I know I don't need all the crazy surgeries all the Dr's here in the states claimed I so badly needed. LIES. They just wanted my money. They didn't actually give a flying fuck about me or my health. Not one DR ever telling me I could've had major complications during the recovery process. Due to having Chiari of the brain I could've been put in a wheelchair. Did anyone ever mention that to me? Nope. I have brain damage and injuries from concussions I never knew I had. I take that back, I know of two. One from a car accident and the other by one of my sisters. But I never even knew I had it. Like many other things I was never told but thank God for the truth I was told in Mexico and my faith in God. Yay!! So I'm not crazy after all like my parents and siblings made me believe and out to be because underneath it all my soul and spirit knew I wasn't crazy but what I was feeling was crazy! There really was a root cause to all my issues.

So staying on this path with a clean alkaline diet, staying clear of all forms of toxins and EMF's will most likely be my way of life buts that's OK! My health is my wealth and after this hell and close call to death experience I am happy to oblige and do whats needed to stay alive. Whats even crazier are the things that are everywhere and all around us that makes someone like me react to any form of toxicity or fungus.

Healing is a process. Especially if you have been sick for so many years. There is no quick fix or magic cure that can happen over night. I am grateful for my broken path. It led me to this beautiful clinic, these brilliant Dr's and the worlds most loving nurses. Not to mention the cafe's amazing gluten free menu that is beneath the clinic for the patients to eat at! The whole damn experience is healing! I pray and hope one day our country will have affordable clinics like this and offer us a cure. I was done dying trying to wait for them to get their head out of their own asses. I have a life to live, kids to raise, a husband to love and people to help heal and inspire.

Being able to dance a little again, have no more tremors, can make my kids lunches, drive them to school, tolerate more foods, absorb nutrients is a huge indicator that I am no longer as sick as I was 8 months ago. Just being able to write again, read again, remember where I am driving to and not get lost down the street is a miracle. I am choosing to believe that I will win this battle. I think I kinda already am! The fact I am making any kind of gain is worth everything to me!

NEVER GIVE UP ON HOPE. HAVE FAITH and choose to BELIEVE you can win and you will! Where there is a will there is always a way!

To be continued...stay tuned!

juicing up with the best raw pressed fruit and veggie juice before treatments each morning!

stem cell injections in my lumbar and hip

Stem Injections for my Chiari!

Shoulder injections

Ozone therapy to help clean out the blood of cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, metals, mold and toxins.

Chelatio. Activates the bodies detoxing pathways and ability to detox from toxins.

magnet and coil healing!

Magnets used for magnet therapy. Helps locate and eradicate bacteria and inflammation.