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The Truth About Chronic Illness/Lyme Disease

Hello tribe!! It's been awhile!

Life after lyme has been an amazing experience! The world seems so different and my entire perspective on how to honor my mind, body and spirit has taken on a journey of its own and has gifted me so much wisdom and knowledge! It has brought me so much closer to God!

My latest mission to bring awareness about the truth about chronic illness and Lyme disease is delivering the world a ground breaking movie documentary about the truth.

There is no better time than now to bring more awareness of how our own system has created crimes against humanity with the denial of Lyme disease.

Here is the link to the virtual viewing. The cost for the link is $4. You have access to watch it for 30 hours. You may share the link and code how ever you desire. I would highly appreciate you sharing it far and wide!

Money goes back to the film makers to keep the movie safe from censorship and to keep it private for government purposes.

I am also offering a free one hour Q & A zoom call for after the viewing!

I really hope you watch it, share it and join the zoom call!

The world might keep trying to stop

Me from delivering my message God has me here to deliver but I was created for this mission so I can't be stopped!


Evangelia, Holistic Warrior

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